Discover the Hidden Gems around Your Beloved Dispensary, Ajoya!

Are you a regular visitor of Ajoya, your new favorite marijuana dispensary in Westminster, CO? Make sure to set some time aside to explore the beautiful surroundings just a stone’s throw away from your key shopping destination.

Ajoya is nestled in the heart of Westminster, a dynamic city filled with recreational opportunities and cultural experiences that make it a perfect place not just for shop-and-go, but for an all-around day trip experience. Here are some of the fantastic activities you can enjoy before or after your visit to Ajoya.

Firstly, take a stroll in the scenic Westminster City Park. This 205-acre park provides breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, a lake for fishing or paddle boating, as well as beautiful walking and biking trails. Multiple picnic shelters and playgrounds make it an ideal location for a leisurely breather.

Pay a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion, a unique local attraction just a few minutes away from Ajoya. This tropical rain-forest is home to thousands of butterflies from around the world. Here, you can learn about their vibrant lives and unique ecosystem they contribute to, making it an enriching and engaging experience.

Venture out to the Standley Lake Regional Park, a multi-use recreational area that provides remarkable opportunities for camping, fishing, and wildlife sighting. Standley Lake is an outdoor haven that perfectly harmonizes with Ajoya’s natural and holistic product range.

Wrap up your day with a dining experience at one of Westminster’s finest eateries. Try out some local cuisine or enjoy international flavors at the town’s top-rated restaurants.

Indeed, the area around Ajoya is as delightfully captivating as the dispensary itself. So don’t let your journey end with a visit to Ajoya. Step out and explore the beauty that surrounds this delightful destination, making the most of your trip to Westminster, CO.

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